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The core values of Saint Nicholas Eastern Orthodox Church’s charitable efforts are values rooted in the Bible and the principles that guide our actions.

Operating Fund


Donations to Saint Nicholas Eastern Orthodox Church could boost our Operating Fund that subsidizes the liturgical needs of this Philadelphia Parish, including the purchase of candles, vestments, banners, cloths, incense and icons.

Building Fund


Our church structure is more than 160 years old and as such is in constant need of repair and renovation. Our Building Fund subsidizes the ongoing upkeep, and your donation could ensure that our building is well-maintained for many decades to come.

Choir Fund


Our professional Patriarchal Choir is essential to the celebration of Divine Liturgy and various liturgical services. We have established a Choir Fund to ensure that the beautiful voices of the Choir have a future.

Benevolent Fund


Our charitable efforts also assist the needy -- at home and across the world. We have a Benevolent Fund to cover the cost of shipping tons of used clothing and amenities to the disadvantaged abroad, particularly in Ukraine.

Please help us continue our charitable efforts. Thank you for your generosity.

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